Imagine that
we could

  • Find alternatives to oil-based raw materials
  • Timely detect imminent heart attacks
  • Improve crop yields in a sustainable manner
  • Treat cancer without negative side-effects

Stop imagining
start solving

All around the world, research-driven companies are developing innovative solutions to tackle these complex problems. A few examples from the Netherlands:
Use waste, instead of palm or fossil oil, to manufacture chemicals for coatings, lubricants and plastics;
A blood test that allows early diagnosis of cardiac problems, before the symptoms of a heart attack occur;
Kits to quickly assess soil health, which allows targeted strategies against pathogens and prevents crop loss due to plant diseases;
A system to 'package' drugs to ensure more effective delivery at the target side, less unwanted side effects;

ambitious people
with ideas

What connects these young and promising enterprises? LifeSciences@Work start-up support.

At heart, all these ventures are driven by creative, ambitious entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of life sciences technology and applications. They had an idea, recognised an opportunity, but needed help in getting their plans turned into reality.

LifeSciences@Work start-up support offered them coaching and training, early stage financial support and a network of fellow starters, seasoned entrepreneurs and specialised investors.

We support
many more

  • 107 projects that participated in the programme (till spring 2013)
  • 75 Companies started
  • 319 FTE in new companies