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First patients treated as part of the HORA EST HCC study at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)

On 05-09-2018 the first two patients were treated with QuiremSpheres®, the only commercially available holmium-166 based microspheres for SIRT, as part of the HORA EST HCC clinical study aiming to treat early stage HCC patients. After the University Medical Centre Utrecht, this is now the second Dutch hospital to use holmium-166 SIRT.

These treatments were made possible by a team from the Leiden University Medical Center, consisting of dr. Mark Burgmans, dr. Frits Smit, dr. Minneke Coenraad, dr. Daphne Rietbergen, Pim Hendriks MSc., as well as the interventional radiology staff. Dr. Maarten Smits was available as proctor.

In the HORA EST HCC study, headed by Dr. Mark Burgmans of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), holmium-166 SIRT will be used as an adjuvant treatment to radiofrequency ablation (RFA). After RFA, tumor recurrence can occur due to incomplete tumor necrosis. In order to reduce the chance of recurrence, this study aims to deliver a highly localized radiation dose using SIRT. A super selective, segmental delivery of microspheres may result in a dose that is high enough to ensure complete cell death of the possibly remaining tumor cells, but with low toxicity to non-tumor liver tissue. This dose-finding study aims to establish a treatment area dose that will result in delivery of a radiation absorbed dose to the target tissue of >120 Gy, in 90% of patients. QuiremSpheres® are especially suited for this purpose, as the unique imaging properties of holmium-166 allow accurate assessment of the delivered absorbed dose with high sensitivity. This study will include 10-30 patients and is expected to take 1-2 years to complete. More information can be found here. The LS@W alumnus Quirem congratulates the team at LUMC with the successful start of this highly relevant and exciting clinical study!