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Invitation free seminar organised by LS@W Partners Loyens & Loeff and Axon Lawyers | 1 March 2017.


“Where would we be without good people?  Nowhere of course! That is why it is so important to keep your people motivated and retained”.

A strong workforce of employees and independent professionals is fundamental to the knowledge-driven life sciences industry. Keeping a successful team motivated and committed to the company can be costly and challenging. A balanced strategy beneficial to both employer and employee is key to a lasting commitment.

LS@W partners Loyens & Loeff and Axon Lawyers are organising a seminar in Amsterdam on Wednesday, March 1st on Motivation and Retention Strategies. This seminar will discuss the financial incentives available to companies within the applicable legal framework for employees and independent professionals. In particular, the seminar focuses on the corporate and labour law issues and the tax-related consequences of motivation and retention strategies and will provide practical guidance.

Interested in participating? Check out the speakers, the programme and how to register: Direct link to the invitation.