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Join our new BiotechMeetings!

This year we start with a new concept which we call BiotechPartners. The format is simple: biotech startups pitch their proposition and end with the articulation of particular issues they have to deal with in the nearby future. These requests for external expertise can adress several subjects (technical, service related, financial). The partners, who are having a chair in the audiance, can apply to these requests by ‘raising their hands’ after the startups recited their questions. All this happens plenary to so the concept of ‘open innovation’ can do it’s work. After the planary matchmaking we link startup and partner together so they can follow-up in confidence. We organise two BiotechMeetings in 2017. Every meeting we grant at least one value voucher to valorize the match that has been made during the meeting.

Are you a biotech startup and are you looking for specific knowledge?

Does your company have specific knowledge to help startups with their requests for help?

Please contact Chretien Herben ( or Lisanne Wiggers ( for more information.

The first BiotechMeeting will be held on Thursday June 15 at Hubspot, Leiden (10:00 – 12:30).