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LifeSciences@Work celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special publication

LifeSciences@Work started in 2008, and now in 2018, it proudly celebrates its tenth anniversary. To mark this festive occasion, this special edition of the Health~Holland Update is devoted to the LS@W accelerator programme. The accelerator programme that the Top Sector LSH supportes.

According to Chr├ętien Herben, Programme director of LS@W and Valorisation Manager of Health~Holland: “Starting a business in the life sciences is a long process, but a worthy one. So we have only just started!”

In this special Update, you will find an overview of the last ten years of LS@W, interviews with entrepreneurs, facts & figures about the programme, and lots of experiences of participants. Get inspired and discover where the Dutch life sciences sector has his roots.


Read the new Update here:

Update November 2018 - LSatW special