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LS@W Alumnus Cristal Therapeutics raises €12.8 million in new financing round to advance novel medicines against cancer using its CriPec® nanotech platform.

Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held life sciences company developing novel nanomedicines against cancer and other diseases, announced the closing of a €12.8 million financing round. The financing comes from a consortium headed by Dutch oncology investor Aglaia BioMedical Ventures and Belgian DROIA Oncology Ventures and was complemented by BOM, LIOF and LBDF. Existing shareholders (founders, Chemelot Ventures, BioGeneration Ventures, Utrecht University Holding, Nedermaas Hightech Ventures) also participated in the round. The new funding will be used to continue and accelerate the clinical development of Cristal Therapeutics’ lead candidate CriPec® docetaxel, by executing a clinical phase Ib trial, building the momentum for a clinical phase II trial starting later this year. Funds also allow for intensified development of Cristal’s nanotech platform for its innovative CriPec® DUO and CriPec® oligonucleotides programs.

Lead candidate
CriPec® docetaxel is Cristal Therapeutics’ lead candidate in development and represents a novel treatment approach of solid tumours. CriPec® nanoparticles with the anti-cancer drug docetaxel entrapped accumulate in tumour tissue and yield a significantly higher exposure within the tumour, thereby overcoming drawbacks of conventional docetaxel therapies. CriPec® docetaxel successfully passed various preclinical studies, demonstrating a significantly enhanced efficacy and an improved safety and tolerability profile. The candidate also successfully passed a clinical phase Ia trial in patients suffering from solid tumours where human tolerability and pharmacokinetics were assessed. Further safety and signs of efficacy will be evaluated in a clinical phase Ib study aiming to confirm the recommended phase II dose level and regimen. CriPec® docetaxel is expected to have substantial medical and commercial advantages particularly in combination therapies.

CriPec® DUO and CriPec® oligonucleotides
Cristal Therapeutics is continuously searching to broaden the application of its nanomedicine platform. The CriPec® DUO concept aims to achieve a synergistic therapeutic response of two anti-cancer drugs entrapped in one nanoparticle.

Cristal Therapeutics also applies its CriPec® platform for the delivery of oligonucleotides to intracellular targets. CriPec®’s underlying proprietary polymer and linker technology offers exciting perspectives to overcome some of the major hurdles in the oligonucleotide field.

The news was also published in the Dutch national newspaper: Het Financieele Dagblad.


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