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Venture Challenge alumnus NutriLeads wins funding for top-class innovators from European Innovation Council

LS@W Startup NutriLeads announces that its NUTRI-NEED project has been selected for €2.5 million funding under the European Innovation Council SME Instrument (phase 2). The aim of the 2-year project is to prepare NutriLeads’ health promoting food ingredient NL-01 for commercialisation.  NutriLeads is a Dutch Health Ingredients company

NutriLeads’ most advanced product, NL-01, is a unique proprietary carrot-derived fibre under development to support immune function and improve resistance to respiratory infections. It has been successfully tested in preclinical models and in a proof of concept study in healthy volunteers. It is currently being studied in a clinical trial to assess its protective effect against an experimental common cold infection.

Ruud Albers, NutriLeads’ CEO comments: “The NUTRI-NEED project will accelerate the development of our food ingredient NL-01 and specifically it will allow NutriLeads to further scale-up the production process, obtain market access for Europe, perform a large clinical study in older adults (65+) with increased infection risk and prepare NL-01 for commercialisation.

Source: NutriLeads