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Pitch your venture at the BiotechPartner Meeting: 17 May 2018

As a starting entrepreneur in Life Sciences one faces multiple challenges. Within the Value Centre of LS@W Accelerator we offer ways to increase the success rate and speeding up the development to a successful market introduction.  By pitching their innovation at the Medtech and Biotech Meetings startups can meet such experts and expand their network. For solving specific questions a startup can apply for a Value Voucher.

During the BiotechPartner meetings, entrepreneurs pitch their innovations to the partners. Below a selection of companies that have presented during the BiotechPartners pilot in 2017 can be found. For all entepreneurs that have presented their innovation in the 10 years existence of MedtechPartners, please click here.

How it works?

  • Biotech startups pitch their proposition and end with the articulation of particular issues they have to deal with in the nearby future. These requests for external expertise can adress several subjects (technical, service related, financial).
  • Partners, who are having a chair in the audience, can apply to these requests by ‘raising their hands’ after the startups recited their questions.
  • After the plenary matchmaking we link startup and partner together so they can follow-up in confidence.
  • The LS@W Value Centre is executed in close collaboration with MedtechPartners

In 2018, four Medtech and two Biotech Meetings are organised at inspiring sector-related locations. Wannabe part of this network? Use the following application forms: MedtechPartners / BiotechPartners.