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Presenting the LS@W Venture Challenge Teams Fall 2016.

We are our proud to present our five new teams that are participating in the Venture Challenge Fall 2016. 


  • Gen-X – The right promoter for your protein


  • BIOND – biond research, biond soft-lithography and biond in vitro tests: Let’s go biond!


  • STENTiT – Pioneers in regenerative stent technology


  • AGILeBiotics – Empowering Antibiotic Development


  • RadiQual Surgery – Using navigation to cure cancer and improve QoL

16th Edition

On 21 September the Venture Challenge Fall 2016 kicked off when our five selected startups entered their first boot camp. During this three-day camp the teams worked on topics such as understanding customer needs and developing a value proposition.

Our dedicated candidates will then spent a number of weeks validating their value proposition before they enter a second boot camp at the beginning of November. This next boot camp will focus, amongst other things, on the financials of the startups.

Ultimately our teams will prepare for their final pitch in front of the Venture Challenge Jury on 23 November. The winner of the Venture Challenge Fall 2016 will be announced at the Dutch Life Sciences Conference in Leiden and will receive 25,0000 euros.


Our five Venture Challenge teams were selected after two days of interviews with potential candidates. We are proud to announce that these startup teams are working on the following innovations: image-guided surgery, Organ-on-Chip, regenerative stents, novel antibiotics, and optimised recombinant protein production.

Members of the teams originate from the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Delft University of Technology. Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Groningen and the Netherlands Cancer Institute/University of Twente. Stay tuned for more information about our promising participants.