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State of the art methods for the detection of bacteria and virusses have limited sensitivity. Therefore, samples must be cultivated first to generate enough biomass. This sample preparation process is time consuming (typically 2 – 5 days), is labor intensive and requires an expensive laboratory infrastructure.

BiosparQ technology offers a unique solution for these problems. With this product a sample can be analysed in just a few minutes. There is no cultivation step needed because the method is capable to extract sufficient information from just one single organism. Based on this information, the identity of the organism can be determined, quickly and easily.

BiosparQ technology was initially developed in the Netherlands by the Delft University of Technology for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The goal was to develop an aerosol early warning system to warn troops for attacks with bio-agents. The project resulted in a successful prototype but was stopped due to big budget cuts amids the financial crisis in 2010. BiosparQ BV aquired the patent portfolio, the prototypes and know how and developed a medical platform which will go in certification and production later on. Other applications / geographical markets will be exploited with selected partners.