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The goal of Cancer Visuals is to bring visualization tools into surgical practice by providing optical probes to “light up” tumor tissue by target-specific labelling.

Despite great advances in technology complete removal of tumors remains problematic because the surgeon can only rely on his eye and hand-skills to excise a tumor.

The differentiation between tumor and healthy tissue is critical and essential for a good prognosis for the patient. For example, a mean percentage of 20-40% of breast cancer patients have very narrow tumor-free margins or tumor cells are found at the boundaries of the removed tissue. This means that there still are tumor cells left in the breast tissue.

The concept of the optical probes is that if the surgeon can visualize specifically the tumor boundary during surgery,
he can cut it out objectively and with more accuracy (‘seeing is curing’), leaving the healthy tissue almost untouched. Cancer Visuals will develop specific probes that can detect almost all kinds of solid tumors and is well positioned to achieve this goal with strong clinical and other connections.

Our probes are based on an unique antibody able to target tumor margin in 11 different type of cancer with precision making it universal for cancer detection. Our approach will meet the growing need of medical specialists and, of course, of the patients to decrease the recurrence rate in breast cancer surgery.

There is a high potential in developing our technology to bring it to the surgical oncology market and earn back
the investments made; at the same time serving one of the global healthcare goals: a better treatment of cancer,
in particular improving the success rate of its surgical treatment and decreasing the cancer re-currencies after
the incision.