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Incedo Biosciences

The recent guidance for the pharmaceutical industry published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2012 recommends that drug development should include identification of elimination routes via drug transport proteins and characterize drug-drug interactions (DDI).

Extensive testing in collaboration with industrial clients has resulted in obtaining proof of principle status for ciPTEC demonstrating high value for predicting DDI and renal toxicity in early stages of drug development. Simultaneous expression of most relevant drug transporters results in a unique potential to decrease attrition during expensive clinical stages of drug development, by sifting out toxic compounds in the pre-clinical stage. Consequently, our technology will cut on the budget spent on drugs that never reach the market because of adverse effects. Using this background, we initiated compound screening with our cell-based assays as a service for medium and large pharmaceutical companies.

Our ultimate goal is to extent these activities, complete our model and provide our customers with a complete human drug disposition platform in order to transport drugs safely into clinical development.