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Chemical Proteomics Reagents

Chemical proteomics reagents (CπR) is an initiative towards a start up company based on knowledge coming out of Leiden institute of chemistry. CπR delivers chemical entities and services for proteomics, metabolomics and diagnostics research. We have witnessed an exponential rise in the application of chemical proteomics techniques in fundamental and applied life sciences research (ca 1700 pubmed reports this decade). The use of chemical reporter libraries for the fundamental study of enzymatic activities, PMT’s or metabolites is time and cost effective, can be performed from cells to whole organisms and does not require genetic modifications. Application-wise, chemical reporters can be (cost-)effectively developed into diagnostic tools in the life science and clinical research. Synthesis of chemical reporters requires fundamental expertise in organic chemistry which is present in our research group.

The CπR initiative is to market and valorise chemical entities and our knowledge of proteomics assays generated in this decade. The main objective is to create a commercial enterprise that supports chemical biology research by making available high-end organic chemical research tools. We are focusing on developing our main assets being a digital and physical compound database, customer database, IP and licences and are looking for business partners for the worldwide marketing and distribution of our compounds.