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Detecting cancer recurrence before it’s too late

Each year hundreds of thousands of people die from cancer, mostly due to recurrent disease. To prevent recurrent cancer from becoming untreatable it should be detected as early as possible. Cyclomics aims to detect recurrent cancer as soon as it arises to improve survival of many cancer patients worldwide.

Technology – Cyclomics invented a technology to measure cancer recurrence in liquid biopsies (blood). Cyclomics technology enables sequencing of single circulating tumor DNA molecules at near 100% accuracy. This is accomplished by a proprietary three-step process consisting of capturing, copying and concatenation of the original double-stranded ctDNA molecules. The resulting DNA products can be sequenced using portable single-molecule sequencing instrument (e.g. nanopore MinION). In addition, Cyclomics has developed a software package to perform detection and reporting of cancer mutations in the ctDNA sample based on a proprietary consensus calling algorithm.

Competitive edge – Cyclomics technology offers detection of cancer mutations in blood at single-molecule sensitivity, which is not reached by any other liquid biopsy test on the market. Moreover, Cyclomics offers a comprehensive test as it can detect mutations in complete genes or gene panels, ensuring secondary tumors or newly emerging tumor clones are not missed. Cyclomics is a first cancer diagnostic test that can be combined with portable third-generation sequencing, providing low-cost access to any diagnostic laboratory worldwide.

Products – A first product will be a research-only kit, that can be used with any target of interest from customers, offering sensitive and specific measurement of low-frequency mutations in any DNA sample. The Cyclomics research-only kit will enable revenue in the short term.

In parallel, we will focus on a test for recurrence detection for head and neck cancer patients. In about 50% of patients with head and neck cancer (HNC, 600.000 patients annually) the tumor recurs after treatment. Recurring tumors are hard to detect from imaging and therefore often detected too late when treatment options are exhausted. Cyclomics technology addresses this burning clinical need. We are currently developing and validating a TP53 mutation test for head and neck cancer, which can be of use for more than 90% of the patients with head and neck cancer. The TP53 test is currently validated in a clinical study for head and neck cancer patients together with clinical centers. These studies will be expanded in the coming years to reach CE marking and FDA approval. Subsequently, a clinical TP53 test will be launched for head and neck and subsequently other cancers where TP53 mutations are prevalent (lung, colon).

Ongoing product development using Cyclomics technology focuses on specific tests for genes or gene panels, enabling detection of druggable mutations, mutations conferring resistance or recurrence biomarkers in a wide range of cancers. The ultra-high sensitivity and specificity of Cyclomics combined with the ease of portable, real-time DNA sequencers provides a unique and unprecedented solution for cancer mutation detection in liquid biopsies.

Patenting – We are in the process of filing a patent on Cyclomics capturing and amplification technology. We expect to submit the patent application before the end of this year.



The Cyclomics team consists of Alessio Marcozzi, Genoveva Heldens, Jeroen de Ridder and Wigard Kloosterman (left to right).

Startup activities

  • Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2017


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