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DualTPharma is a new venture developing a highly-potent and proprietary line of targeted pharmaceuticals (with two active moieties: Carbonic Anhydrase IX inhibitors and a nitroimidazole) for personalised cancer treatment. The key underlying technology relies on a dual mechanism of action: (1) increasing the intracellular acidity of the cell and (2) sensitising treatment-resistant tumor cells to cytostatics drugs (e.g doxorubicin) and radiation, both strategies with high specificity for tumor cells. The pharmaceuticals can be used stand-alone but aim to have the highest efficacy when used in parallel or consecutively with standard treament such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Our mission is to develop a new class of dual drugs for cancer treatment which are well tolerated and can be taken orally . Carbonic Anhydrase IX is present in 70% of all solid cancer. Our objective is to focus on a frequent cancer: Non Small Cell Lung Cancer and an orphan indication: Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Startup Activtities

  • Pre-Seed Grant 2012