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A fast and reliable diagnosis for every patient

Excoris is a company that envisions to provide a fast and reliable diagnosis for every patient using a newly developed and patented human CRISPR based technology. Based on the expression levels of the human CRISPRs from blood or tissue we have obtained solid scientific evidence that already allows us to diagnose eighteen diseases and want to broaden this to many more.

Prostate cancer is 1 of the 4 most prevalent cancers worldwide. Every year over 1 million men undergo unnecessary prostate biopsies due to poor accuracy of the PSA test currently used. We have developed a test that can detect prostate cancer and demonstrated high precision and accuracy on a simple blood draw from 200 patients. Unlike liquid biopsy based assays currently being developed by others, we have the capability to distinguish between benign, primary and metastatic cancer and is ready to go to the next stage “clinical validation”. We realize that this is a  very busy market, but fortunately we have strong scientific evidence that we can expand our technology to many other diseases. Eighteen have been identified so far, and others are currently being investigated. We have broad patent protection on our technology giving the opportunity to develop a diagnostic platform. In short, we offer a diagnostic test to identify and classify prostate cancer based on a platform technology that shows equally promising results for many other diseases.



The Excoris team consists of Jetty van Ginkel, Rogier Louwen, and Jasper Keijman (left to right).

Startup activities

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2017


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