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HHS is powered by our proprietary clinical decision support (CDS) system software which combines effective and efficient risk assessment with motivational and personalised lifestyle coaching and follow-up. The CDS system enables guideline and evidence-based workflow guidance for the medical staff, easy and efficient data management for the center, and intuitive, transparent and personalized communication for consumers during all the stages of the check-up.

Lifestyle counseling and personal effectiveness monitoring are seamlessly integrated in our one-stop-shop solution. The medical knowledge encoded in the CDS system is built on Philips’ leading position in cardiology and healthcare informatics. The customer experience has been shaped by Philips Design’s extensive consumer expertise and is based on in depth customer experience research. We are in the process of spinning this initiative out of Philips. The Health-I team is interdisciplinary, and highly experienced in all relevant aspects of prevention. We have professionals with many years’ industry experience in diagnostics (in vitro and imaging), cardiovascular diseases, communication and people research and consumer-centric design