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INCIT Pharma

The anti-infectives market has an urgent need for new antibacterials due to increasing bacterial antibiotics resistance. To meet this need, either existing antibiotics can be improved or new classes of compounds can be identified. Pharmaceutical companies are following the latter approach, which leads to high R&D costs and declining R&D productivity.

The reason why pharmaceutical industry is not optimizing existing classes of antibiotics is that these natural products are structurally very complex and are next to impossible to be modified with conventional technologies.

Our patented One-Step-Selectâ„¢ platform provides a unique solution for the optimization of structurally complex natural product-based drugs, providing a low risk approach for the development of antibiotics Proof of the technology was successfully demonstrated by synthesizing 15 new, active and structurally complex aminoglycoside antibiotics in three man-months.

The fabrication of this set of compounds would have taken 16 man-years by conventional synthesis, clearly illustrating why the pharmaceutical industry is focusing on the discovery of new classes of antibiotics instead of improving existing ones.

Efficient derivatization and optimization of existing antibiotics will be achieved by taking advantage of structure-based design and a sound understanding of the biological cause for multi-drug resistance. Candidates will be out-licensed after clinical phase IIa to a big pharmaceutical company. The first multi-million license deal is expected to be closed late 2016.

With ongoing collaborations (apart from the drug pipeline), we will both generate early revenues and expand our One-Step-Selectâ„¢ platform, maintaining a technological leadership position. INCIT Pharma will develop derivatives of existing antibiotics based on natural products to overcome antibacterial resistance, providing a low-risk approach to the development of anti-infectives.