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Our aging society necessitates novel products and services that sustain vitality and healthy aging. Proving effectiveness of such offerings is advocated, but companies’ marketing products and services for healthy aging and governments trying to improve public health miss the capability to perform the necessary studies.

iVitality uses specific knowledge about and access to the aging population in combination with a smart technology platform consisting of health and behavior sensors, a smartphone app and a database with user insights.

iVitality aims to provide customers (i.e. pharma, lifestyle industry and governments) a service of performing small to large scale studies to evaluate effectiveness of their healthy aging products and services. Services of iVitality will include design and execution of the study, analysis and interpretation of relevant health and behaviour parameters, including objective measures of physiological function and lifestyle.

End-users engage with iVitality in clinical studies to learn about their own health, benefiting from the latest insights. Already a working prototype of iVitality is used in clinical studies.

At present, the first studies including hundreds of participants re-performed to test the key concepts and to develop. There are close cooperations with the Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Aging (NCHA) and the Institute for Evidence Based Medicine in Old Age (IEMO), as well as various companies with experience and expertise in the fields of Internet, technology development, community services, data handling etc.