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Millions of people experience allergic reactions annually and the prevalence of food allergies is rapidly rising. Food allergens have also become the primary cause for withdrawal of food products from the market and corresponding lawsuits. Unlike any other contaminant, allergen presence in a product can kill the sensitized individual on the spot. With no cure, the only solution is strict avoidance. The related costs for food producers are immense, highlighting the unmet need for better food allergens testing.

Nonetheless, current methods are far from fulfilling those needs, since they are not sensitive enough and take too long to produce the results, very often when the products are already available for consumers. The fact that product labeling needs to be improved thorough testing is well recognized by food producers as well as legislative authorities. This is reflected in a new legislation coming into force in 2014 and a double digit growth of the food allergen testing market.

MADbio offers a biosensor based complete solution for food safety monitoring. The platform enables simultaneous detection of hundreds of contaminants in complex food samples, with primary focus on food allergens. MADbio device is designated for the use of untrained personnel along the entire food chain and offers onsite monitoring with ultra-sensitivity and short response time. MADbio device enables informed and prompt decision making process helping food producers to better safeguard the allergic consumer’s health.