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MMG’s mission is to develop and commercialize predictive screening tools for optimal therapeutic strategy for chronic inflammatory disease, and provide concrete measures for personalized medicine for every patient in need.

MMG aims to bring an epigenetic marker kit to the market, which will help doctors and thus patients to choose the right therapeutic option predicting the highest success rate, based on their epigenetic profile. Instead of going through a potentially long and expensive period of searching for the optimal treatment, MMG can help both patient and doctor to decide which biological will provide the best response. The kit’s use will lead to multiple benefits since patients are receiving a tailored approach; leading to enhanced therapeutic efficacy and lowering cost for the healthcare sector as a whole.



The MarkMyGenes team consists of Niek van Rens, Wouter de Jonge, Peter Henneman and Anje te Velde.

Startup activities

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2017


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