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Surface topography modification is emerging in major applications as medical devices, anti-fouling and anti-bacterial surfaces. For example, a grown concern is what surface topography improves medical implant performance and durability. Implant surface is the first thing its surroundings ‘sees’, and responds to. But how to design and select the optimal surface? Currently, it is common practice to screen manually maybe a dozen surface topographies based on trial-and-error and generally processed by generic, non-individually optimised methods.

Materiomics offers their proprietary TopoChip platform to screen much faster and efficiently thousands or even tens of thousands of surfaces at once to successfully find the optimal surface topography to elicit desired biological responses. TopoChips can be processed of virtually any biomaterial to study any biological response of any cell type. The TopoChip platforms offers a truely revolutionary and efficient way to improve products and create new product lines. Benefits of using TopoChip technology: no hypothesis on surface structure required, fast turn around time of design process, cost effective in finding best solution, patent protected and compliant with production technologies. Materiomics does not know what exact topography will finally prove to be effective but has biology tell us which surface is optimal in influencing specific cells into desired biological behavior.