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Due to sterility, surgeons cannot directly interact with the digital systems around them during procedures. This means one of the assistants outside the sterile zone has to drop their work to control the terminal on behalf of the surgeon when requested.

Every time a surgeon needs to interact with a digital device creates an intermission, adding up to time and focus loss. The need for an assistant to control the digital systems also decreases the possibilities for equipment manufacturers to make their products more usable and interactive. This also causes more than half of the functionality of most OR devices to be non-viable for use during procedures.

Lack of a good control method also results in inefficient use of supporting OR personnel, which is currently in short supply resulting in OR vacancy of up to 25% in larger hospitals.

After a process with frequent clinical input, we have designed a digital OR workspace that allows surgeons to control digital systems with hand gestures. This is realised by combining existing motion-tracking hardware with our OR dashboard software overlay. By further developing and implementing this product and corresponding service, we will:

  • Reduce procedure
  • Improve OR team atmosphere and
  • Allow new/enhanced     activities    during     surgery, improving clinical
  • Improve supporting personnel efficiency, increasing the amount of procedures that can be carried out per day



We are a team with a fresh outlook but a strong connection to the indurstry. The team consists of:

  • Hein Zijlstra, BSc Nanobiology (TU Delft). Fincancial and logistics
  • Diederik Rasenberg, BSc Clinical Technology (TU Delft). Clinical partnerships
  • Tim Bruines, BSc Clincal Technology, Architecture (TU delft), PC Systems Engineering (MIT). Coordinator and product

Startup Activtities

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2018


Diederik Rasenberg