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Medisse B. V. aspires to become a world leader in developing, producing and marketing soft tissue implants. FlexiSurge™ possesses a unique combination of properties. Unlike other biodegradable materials, FlexiSurge™ resorbs in the body via surface erosion and is exceedingly flexible and elastic.

It is fully biocompatible without causing burst degradation products (particularly no acidic degradation products). The non-trivial fabrication process for this material is patent protected. In a preclinical in-vivo study, the FlexiSurge™ Adhesion Barrier significantly outperformed the industry’s gold standard product.

Medisse has set out to develop this technology platform into numerous devices. The company has successfully conducted a full biocompatibility study in 2010. It currently develops two products, an adhesion barrier and a scleral buckle for which preclinical in-vivo studies have already been completed with encouraging results. Clinical investigation is planned for 2012 with an expected first product launch in Europe in 2013.

Further product developments will initially focus on general surgery application before expanding into other areas such as gynaecology or periodontology.