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Our society is facing an increasing demand for more effective cancer treatments. Current chemotherapy is associated with a poor therapeutic index: low efficacy and/or high toxicity are limiting the usefulness of chemotherapy. Therefore, targeted nanomedicines are developed to generate therapeutics that are more effective and/or less harmful to patients compared to conventional drugs. There is no marketed technology for the targeted delivery of hydrophobic drug molecules, while almost 90% of the pipeline compounds are poorly water soluble. Micellas has developed an innovative platform technology that distinguishes itself by a lack of complexity and convincing in vivo results. First the technology will be brought to the clinic through co-development with a pharmaceutical company. Then the more mature technology will be licensed to several other companies to further establish it as a validated platform technology and finally the knowledge and clinical data obtained from collaborations will be used to develop a proprietary pipeline to maximize the benefits of our technology to reduce the societal burden of cancer and inflammatory diseases.