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To fulfill the urgent need in society and industry for novel, safe and effective antimicrobials and enzymes, MicroLifeSolutions has developed Metascreen™, a unique technology to unlock the unexplored genetic and biological potential of nature. This proprietary technology allows rapid screening of microbial genomes and metagenomic libraries for bioactive genes, metabolic pathways and compounds.

MicroLifeSolutions provides a broad range of services, including large-scale isolations from natural environments for new beneficial and bioactive microbes; screening of microbial libraries for specific properties and activities; construction of genomic and metagenomic libraries from natural environments; extractions, chromatography and chemical analysis to identify bioactive compounds; sequencing and cloning of biosynthetic genes to build genetic expression systems for large-scale production of bioactive compounds, and toxicity profiling of bioactive compounds.

MicroLifeSolutions’ unique combination of expertise in microbial ecology, metagenomics and exotoxicology provides the right basis to become a leading green genomics company.