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Melanoma is the most deadly form of cancer with over 138,000 new cases per annum. Currently no effective treatment is available for advanced stages of the disease. Our company MICure is developing MIC therapy; an effective treatment for melanoma patients that also protects against recurrence of the disease. The selectivity of MIC therapy to melanoma cells and pigment cells, confines the reactivity to these tissues without severe toxicity to other tissues. MIC therapy is a patient-friendly therapy consisting of two creams, monobenzone and imiquimod, and CpG injections. It is a widely applicable therapy in a broad range of melanoma patients, without the need for stringent selection criteria. MIC therapy can be produced at relatively low costs.

MIC therapy was invented by Rosalie Luiten and Cornelis Melief, both internationally recognized scientific experts on immunotherapy of cancer. Preclinical proof of concept has been obtained in a mouse model. Patent applications have been filed by the AMC and LUMC in the USA, EU, AU and CAN for MIC therapy and related compounds. MICure aims to develop MIC therapy up to late clinical development and partner with pharma to bring the therapy to the market. We believe our therapy can make the difference to the many melanoma patients worldwide by offering them hope and improve their quality of life.