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MIMETAS develops predictive Organ-on-a-Chip cell culture models for better, more reliable and tailored medicines. A significant gap exist between the predictive value of various in vitro and animal screening models and a patient. MIMETAS fills this gap with its OrganoPlates™ featuring organotypic screening models that have an improved predictability and can be screened at a high throughput. MIMETAS’ OrganoPlates™ serve as an early stage screening model to predict toxic side effects and drug efficacy. OrganoPlates™ are microfluidics based culture plates that enable culturing and screening of a range of organ and tissue models that have a better predictive value than currently available approaches. OrganoPlates™ are are compatible with standard robot and readout equipment, making the technology prone to high throughput automation. MIMETAS products are a stepping stone towards more complex medicine approaches, including precision medicine, combinatorial therapies and ultimately personalised medicine.