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We will apply genetic modification to the common house fly (Musca domestica) to achieve stable transgene expression of antibodies and growth factors over generations.

The antibodies or growth factors accumulate at high level in the haemolymph of larval stages and dozing will be as a freeze-dried nutraceutical flymeal mixed with normal feed. The nutraceutical may comprise a single effective agent or a cocktail of agents (e.g. antibodies), and will be useful as a growth enhancer replacing antibiotics in feed.

Mass-reared Musca domestica (house fly) larvae are being reared commercially at scale on organic waste to provide flymeal as a cost effective and ecologically friendly alternative to fishmeal, which depletes fish stocks.

The products delivered orally require no purification and will leach from the freeze-dried flymeal. Single chain antibodies are highly stable and will survive the environment of the intestine without loss of affinity. The nutraceuticals will be cheap to produce, and can potentially be produced at an industrial scale from organic waste.

The core technology will be free of 3rd party IP by the time commercialization is envisaged. New filings will be made to protect vectors, processes and products. The products use an environmentally friendly and sustainable cost effective production process that appeal to government and an increasingly environmentally conscious society.

We plan initially to develop antibody-based products as nutraceuticals for poultry. Once processes have been developed and the anti-infective effect is proven we will also produce nutraceuticals for other livestock.