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Nano4therapy is founded on the development of a novel technology platform. Researchers at Erasmus MC, in collaboration with Amrita Centre for Nanosciences (Kochi, India), have developed a production method that leads to novel conjugates for targeted photodynamic therapy. These conjugates are highly specific and effective and have applications in many therapeutic fields.

Nano4therapy has the exclusive license agreement with Erasmus MC and Amrita that allows the use of all conjugates and targeting ligands to treat or monitor the treatment of any disease.Targeted-nanoparticle-conjugates are molecules that are loaded with high concentrations of photosensitisers, drugs that induce cytotoxicity when exposed to therapeutic light.

By combining the nanoparticle conjugates with targeting ligands we can deliver high concentrations of photosensitisers to the target tissue without the non-specific binding of conjugates to normal tissues. By controlling the amount and location of the therapeutic light, it is possible to suppress dose limiting side effects, enabling the use of the targeted drug concept to its full potential.