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Triggered by the original idea, a specific neurosurgical procedure was observed, analysed and potential improvements were determined. Based on the observations in the operation room and in close cooperation and interaction with two neurosurgeons, a system was developed that addressed shortcomings in the existing available tools for the specific procedure. A cyclical process with multiple stages of prototypes led to a trocar system that can be attached to the skull, can fix an entry angle of an introducer and can fix the depth of an introducer shaft when entered through the brain into one of the ventricles. The introducer shaft thus allows for passage of a scope, instruments and provides flushing channels while preventing unintentional movement within the brain mass. The final prototype was tested by the two neurosurgeons in a skills lab and passed all critical tests. At this moment the production phase has started and moulds are being manufactured. In parallel, the certification process will be executed and marketing and sales activities initiated.