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For pharmaceutical companies, it is of utmost importance to be able to accurately predict all interactions of a drug under development with drugs that are already on the market. It is well-known that interactions of drugs at the level of transporters, molecules in the membrane that allow entrance and exit of drugs from the cell, can have severe implications on cellular and plasma concentrations of other drugs, thus affecting their efficacy. At the same time, EMA and FDA guidelines dictate that drugs reaching phase II / III are tested for their interaction with at least 11 transporters, and this number is increasing steadily. With PharmTox, a Radboud UMC-based spin-off company, we have developed transporter assays that can be readily used for transporter-interaction studies while outcompeting the competition by using only human cell-based assays, with a uniform-protocol for testing, in combination with our production technique, we ensure a superior sensitivity and reproducibility of test results. We believe our product is ready to enter the market after 10 years of development in an academic laboratory. In fact, we have already started selling to one major pharmaceutical company, generating €30.000 over the past 12 months. However, in order to take-off and become a major player on the drug-transporter market, we need an initial fund of approximately €300.000 to start serving the €150.000.000 market.