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Regulating the climate in greenhouses is a highly advanced process. Sensors in the greenhouse measure light intensity, air temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration. The grower employs sophisticated software to maintain climate settings, but still the optimal climate settings to produce the highest crop quality are not accurately known.

Climate settings are based mainly on observations of the crop, models that predict growth and the grower’s professional experience. He has to rely on feedback from the crop performance that is only visible after days or even weeks.

PhenoVation introduces a breakthrough technology that provides instant feedback from the crop on its performance by continuously measuring the activity of photosynthesis of the crop. This method is a leading indicator of the yield and quality of the crop.

The benefits for the grower are real -time information on the performance of his crops represented by the ongoing photosynthesis process, better insight in the optimal parameters of the climate settings and the ability to optimise these settings. This gives quality improvement of the sales product, higher yield, peace of mind for the grower and energy saving possibilities.

Breeding companies develop new cultivars. This is a time consuming process that can be speeded up by measuring real-time the status of the photosynthesis of plants at different climate conditions. Innovative camera systems of PhenoVation measure the photosynthesis parameters on whole plants and display this information as an image.

Using image analysis software the image can be processed into objective photosynthesis parameters that yield information on the performance of the plant at the selected climate conditions.