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Diagnostics –   Anytime   –   Anywhere

The mission of PlatformFive is to create a diagnostic platform that delivers diagnostics automatically, objectively, within seconds, anytime, anywhere. We already started with the pupillary light reflex and are currently expanding to diagnose more eye abnormalities.

Over 200.000 patients are admitted to neurocritical care in Europe annually. Assessment of the pupillary light reflex (PLR) is the most frequently performed measurement in these patients. Diminishing of the PLR means that immediate life-saving intervention is required. Nowadays, the PLR is assessed using a torchlight and observation of the pupil by the clinician. This method is inaccurate and subjective, this is highly undesirable in life-depending decision making. Alternatives such as, objective pupillometers are on the market but these are cumbersome, often stored in an office since these are too large to carry, and require application of spacers before the PLR can be measured. In order to overcome the issue of measuring inaccurate we have created a diagnostic device that measures the PLR automatically and objectively, within seconds, anytime, anywhere. Our approach was successfully validated in 28 healthy volunteers and 10 ICU patients using a prototype on an iPhone. We are now taking the next steps towards our own dedicated device. PlatformFive combines the best of both worlds, the accuracy of a pupillometer and the portability of a torchlight. Our team consist of Dirk Loeffen, Guido de Jong, Sebastian Arts, and Erkan Kurt covering the field from clinicians to technicians to make Platform Five a great success!


VC certificaat

The PlatformFive team consists of Guido de Jong,  Sebastian Arts, and Dirk Loeffen (left to right).

Startup activities

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2017



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