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RadiQual Surgery



The perfect cut to cure cancer.

RadiQual Surgery Mission.

We help surgeons to cure more cancer patients.

Executive Summary.

For most cancer types, surgery is the only curative option. Although complete removal of the tumour is essential to prevent cancer recurrence, surrounding healthy structures should be spared to avoid complications and to maintain quality of life in cancer patients.

Preoperative diagnostic imaging plays a very important role to assess the feasibility of surgery, and to decide on the surgical approach. However, during the actual surgical procedure, the imaging information is not used, simply because the surgeon is not able to interact with the images.  In 2016, surgeons still rely on the same senses as 100 years ago; what they can see and what they can feel. Unfortunately, this shortcoming results in incomplete resection rates of up to 20% and long-term complication rates of up to 35%.

RadiQual Surgery has recognized this essential shortcoming by developing a worldwide unique product called Logi-Knife that enables the surgeon to use the available high-quality diagnostic imaging data for real-time 3D surgical navigation during the surgical procedure. Logi-Knife provides the surgeon with:

  • a patient-specific 3D anatomical map;
  • eal-time visualization of surgical tools on the anatomical map; and
  • real-time tracking of mobile tumours, leading to a continuously up-to-date anatomical map during surgery. It provides real-time information about the position of surgical tools with respect to the tumour and its surrounding healthy structures. Using Logi-Knife, the surgeon is able to perform the perfect cut to cure cancer.

Logi-Knife has been developed at the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek by surgeons for surgeons, resulting in an intuitive and clinically relevant product. Development has so far been financed with €1.5M of non-diluting public funding, and a patent is pending.

Logi-Knife is applicable in a broad range of surgical procedures, such as rectum, colon, liver, lung, and breast cancer. Several clinical trials are currently running, and already over 50 patients have undergone a surgical procedure with Logi-Knife. Over 20 surgeons have used the system, and all are very enthusiastic. They indicate that Logi-Knife will help to cure more patients, reduce side effects, and assists in complex decision making during surgery.

Our business model is based on selling Logi-Knife systems and on a fee per patient for essential disposables (implantable sensors and tracked tools) and a patient-specific 3D anatomical map needed for every procedure with the Logi-Knife.

The initial market will be rectal cancer surgery, where we expect a 50% reduction in both incomplete resections and long-term complications. This will result in an average cost saving of € 9.000 per patient operated with Logi-Knife. By 2024, Logi-Knife will also be certified for liver surgery, and we expect to have a 10% market share in complex rectal and liver surgery. With an additional investment of € 1.5 M the venture will hit break-even in year 5, and reach revenue of € 22.5 M per year in these two surgical fields only. Due to the versatile nature of the technology and the fact that there are no comparable products in the market today, expansion to other surgical procedures is part of the roadmap. In the long-term the total addressable market for Logi-Knife is estimated at 1.5 million cases annually, with a revenue potential of over € 500 M each year.



RadiQual Surgery: founded by an engineer (Jasper Nijkamp) and two surgeons (Theo Ruers, Koert Kuhlmann) working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Startup activities.

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2016 (winner)

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