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Prostate cancer is the leading tumour burden in men with globally 900,000 novel cases and 150-200,000 deaths each year. The societal impact of this disease is enormous – in the US alone some $12-13 Billion are spent annually for disease management.

Nevertheless, prostate cancer care is very ineffective and the lack of accurate diagnostic and prognostic tools leads to serious over-diagnosis and over-treatment in the early stage of disease management, whereas in later stages of disease men would benefit from more early treatment if prognostic tests would allow for appropriate patient selection.

Rhecadis is developing three highly innovative and proprietary molecular diagnostic and prognostic tests, RE-Bx, PRO-Bx, and PRO-Tx, addressing the above problems. Rhecadis’ products will save healthcare providers several $100 Million per year while at the same time providing significantly improved quality of life to patients by delivering better medical care as well as survival benefits.

Rhecadis‟ combined product portfolio is targeting a >$1,000 Million global market, enabling a market potential of annually >$150 Million at peak. Investors are invited to invest €3 Million throughout years 2013-2015 for Rhecadis to bring its products to market and to increase the company value substantially.