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Small molecules. Big impact.

Sagacity Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing medicines for the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a slowly progressive, neurodegenerative disorder that leads to functional and cognitive deficits, and ultimately to complete loss of independency. In Europe alone, currently over 10 million people suffer from AD. The present total costs of healthcare linked to AD and associated dementia in Europe are estimated at € 261 billion. Currently, it is not possible to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite significant investment over the past 25 years, pharmaceutical companies developing AD drugs to treat the disease have been staggeringly unsuccessful.

Sagacity is a lean and agile SME start-up founded by an entrepreneurial team of young pharmaceutical professionals with complementary expertise. Sagacity is built around an entirely new strategy for the management of the AD: Disease prevention with cost-effective, small molecules in high-risk patients before the onset of irreversible brain damage, by targeting previously neglected pathways identified by strong genetic risk factors (firstly, ApoE4). Sagacity aims to develop the first drug to directly target the main genetic driver of AD, and apply it as a preventive therapy for high risk persons, thereby reducing the future global burden of AD potentially by up to half.

Sagacity is an entrepreneurial team of young pharmaceutical professionals with complementary expertise. Leveraging our experience in a big pharma environment we combine this with the dynamics of a lean, agile company. Sagacity is led by Karen E. Malone; a proven team leader with strong business acumen and extensive experience in biomarker studies for AD and clinical development of novel first-in-class drugs. Drug discovery and development is driven by Jarek Juraszek; a drug discovery, structural biology and bioinformatics scientist. Jarek has been involved in developing treatments for several targets previously perceived to be “undruggable”, such as PCSK9. The team is completed by Ashraf Hachhouch, a business developer, with a background in biomedical sciences. He combines his work on Public-Private Partnership financing to support building teams and companies.

In our primary drug development program, we will be conducting a high throughput screen for small molecules that modulate ApoE4 activity, and preferrentially cross the blood brain barrier. Upon development of our lead compounds, we will enter pre-clinical development, becoming investor-ready for more significant funding to complete Phase I/II studies in healthy persons at high risk of AD, as defined by biomarkers. Having previously ran drug discovery programs in the large pharma setting (J&J/Janssen) for other AD targets, our experienced team is ready to take on the significant challenge of AD prevention, and change the landscape of drug development in this field.

To reach our next developmental milestone – HTS using the proprietary CNS library of our partner- an investment of 750.000 is needed.



The Sagacity team consists of Karen Malone, Ashraf Hackhouch and Jarek Juraszek.

Startup activities

  • Venture Challenge Spring 2018, BioBusiness Summer School 2016, Finance for Pharma Growth course Fall 2017 VU, Webit Festival 2018 Founder’s Games