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Sensible Healthcare Systems

In the past two decades, many exciting innovations have taken place in diabetes care, making diabetes patients healthier and their lives easier. One of the most important parts of diabetes care is measurement of patients’ blood glucose content, which is an important factor to control as every minute outside of the acceptable glucose range means more risk for complications such as vascular disease or kidney damage.

The most modern solutions for glucose monitoring are CGMs (Continuous glucose monitors) such as the DexCom G6. While there is enormous interest in these CGMs from diabetes patients (mainly type I), adoption remains relatively low (<20%). Sensible was founded after a study conducted with a diverse population of diabetes patients pointed out that this low adoption is caused by a small set of clearly identifiable problems.

Sensible proposes ‘idi’, a new kind of glucose sensor based on microneedles that is:

  • Connective to individual patients’ treatment systems
  • Unnoticeable and easy to apply
  • Almost entirely reusable
  • Provided at a lower cost than any other system currently on the market

These properties make idi a glucose sensor suitable not just for diabetes type I patients, but anyone needing to control blood glucose. An important target group is diabetes type II patients, who currently make up 90% of diabetes patients (>400 million patients worldwide with a healthcare system burden of more than 800 billion US dollars per year.

Sensible has proven the functionality of idi in preclinical trials and is currently working to get idi onto the European market.


  • Tim Bruines, clinical engineer – CEO
  • Philippe Fraboulet, electrical engineer – CTO
  • Pim Koeslag, master watchmaker – Product Manager / Designer
  • Manuel da Silva Matos, R&D expert – R&D / Production Manager
  • Federico Ribet, microneedle expert – Scientific Advisor

Startup Activtities

  • Venture Challenge Fall 2018 (under former name: Medcore Healthcare Systems)


Tim Bruines –