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Although the cost of automated DNA sequencing has dropped precipitously, interpreting this information at the level of molecular structure remains difficult and costly. This knowledge gap between genomic sequences and their molecular structures slows the development of new medicine and protein biotechnology. Sequenomics is dedicated to closing this gap, and envisions a world where every clinical and R&D decision is informed by high quality structure information.

Using a combination of very large-scale computational predictions, high-throughput experimental validations, and innovative analytics, Sequenomics tools automatically supply reliable and relevant structure information to researchers and clinicians at minimal cost. Sequenomics is launching with a focus on the peptide phage display market with a database of structure information for all possible 1.28 billion heptapeptide sequences. This unique and comprehensive information resource will become essential to any R&D group working with short peptides, a market projected to be €25 billion by 2018. Future applications will include real-time structure assessment in genomic sequencing pipelines for research and precision medicine.

Primary assets of Sequenomics are: (1) highly experienced team with complementary skills in experimental biotechnology and bioinformatics; (2) data resources having billions of sequence-structure relations and demonstrated application in drug targeting phage display experiments; (3) alliances with strategic partners and potential customers.