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Skyline Dx

The discovery of clinically applicable gene signatures from cancer cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) patients led to the founding of Skyline Diagnostics in 2005. The investigators and clinicians of the Departments of Hematology and Bioinformatics of the Erasmus MC, among whom Chief Scientific Officer professor Bob Löwenberg, teamed up with biotech entrepreneur Henk Viëtor, PhD to develop that discovery into a powerful clinical tool: the AMLprofiler.

Since its inception, the company has perfected and launched the AMLprofiler and filled its pipeline with other, promising new Profilers, including the MMprofiler for Multiple Myeloma prognostics. Through an innovative combination of life sciences and sophisticated information technology we turn personalised cancer treatment into reality by translating scientific knowledge into state-of-the-art clinical diagnostics.

Skyline is a privately owned company, boasting a highly experienced management team and professional life science investors. In recent years, we expanded to become a company of 25 ambitious people motivated to make personalised medicine a reality in oncology.