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The company is built on unique proprietary fibulin-4 mouse models that mimic the different levels of aneurysm seen in patients. Solvartis has shown that in fibulin-4 deficient mice the structural integrity of the aortic wall can be preserved and thus that aortic aneurysm is a druggable disease and can potentially replace surgery to repair a damaged aorta.

Solvartis is currently engaged in the development of an in vitro cellular assays system for the medium throughput screening to identify new lead compounds for further development and extension of the IP position.

In parallel, Solvartis is involved in a target identification project to find novel targets that play a key role in aortic aneurysm and could be potential novel points of intervention for treating the disease. Finally, Solvartis is involved in a project to identify novel biomarkers that are indicative for the onset of aneurysm formation and can be used in diagnostic tools.