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In daily practice, these surgeons perform different types of surgery, e.g. dental implant surgery, jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery), oncology and reconstructive surgery. Up till today oral and maxillofacial (OMF) surgeons are confronted with unexpected surgical outcome with complication rates of up to 10%. These high complication rates results in unsatisfied patients and surgeons. This can be prevented using new modern planning technology.

SurgiWise offers a fast and easy solution. It takes over the hassle of planning from the surgeon and allows surgeons to focus exclusively on patients and surgery. SurgiWise provides the surgeons with a surgical guide based on a patient specific computer planning which makes operating more accurate and more efficient.

Using these techniques surgeons can treat more patients on a higher level in the same time span and therefore earn more money in the same amount of time. During the start of our company the focus will be on dental implants as within the Netherlands there are 230 OMF surgeons and 1800 oral surgeons performing implantology. This results in a large and easy to access market. SurgiWise will start business in the Netherlands and expand throughout Europe in the following years.