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Swan Diagnostics

Ageing and increased awareness of personal health, in combination with an overloaded healthcare system, leads to growing opportunities for over-the-counter diagnostic tests for home use.

Through an extensive network and close relationships with many academic researchers, TTOs and companies, Swan Diagnostics aims to introduce a range of diagnostic assays for home use that will support people in making informed decisions on their personal health.

The first product, called FertiGO, is a test for male fertility. Of all couples that try to conceive, approximately one-quarter encounters fertility problems. While tests for female fertility are readily available, no reliable home test currently exists for male fertility. In cooperation with academic hospitals and fertility centres, Swan Diagnostics is developing FertiGO as an innovative, reliable and easy-to-use test that shows whether the male is fertile.

Based on the technical concept underlying FertiGO, and through acquisition or licensing of complementary assets and technologies, Swan Diagnostics intends to develop additional diagnostic home tests for different medical indications, including general health, fitness, age- related health issues and infectious diseases.