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TPM Profiling will boost the company to become one of the world leading top 10 pharmaceutical companies!

Syntecnos focuses on the development and screening of whole fish, mouse or other mammalian embryo assays up-stream in the pharmaceutical drug pipeline, saving precious time and money by using our novel Biochip platform. Syntecnos’ Biochip platform uses minimal amounts (µg-ng) of precious test compound per embryo and decreases high-content screening time. Acute and chronic exposure tests are best studied in our Biochips, which provide an environment free of biological waste. The Biochip will be re-usable up to 5000 hours and therefore has an ecological friendly footprint; reducing the amount of plastics used in the lab.

Products, sales or licencing of:

  1. Biochip platform: Biochip – Holder – Software (processautomation, imaging etc.) – Infrastructure
  2. Compound libraries: optimisation, new biologicals and medicinal chemicals
  3. Embryo assay: Drug induced liver injury – Behaviour & Central Nervous System – Cardiovascular – Musculoskeletal
  4. Commercial contract research:
    – In-house embryo screening platform (on contract basis)
    – Tailored personal medicine profile (future product)