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TripleT Biosciences offers its state-of-the-art gene design service to biotech companies that produce recombinant proteins. Gene design is key for cost efficient production in the biotech industry. TripleT ensures high yields of active protein and high success rates in protein discovery.

  • TripleT’s gene design service is interesting when you’re experiencing:
    • Low production yield
    • No expression at all
    • Expression, but incorrectly folded proteins (=no activity)
  • Our tools are proprietary and tailored for each project. We learned that the classical ways of gene optimization are not always sufficiently meeting the demands of the user. We harness the power of the native protein characteristics to fullfill these demands.
  • The service is available for all industrially relevant production platforms and we have experience with multiple types of proteins (mAbs, transmembrane proteins, cytokines, industrial enzymes, metabolic pathways, etc).
  • TripleT works with a fee for service model. We are happy to discuss your particular needs for your next project.
  • As a spin-off company of Wageningen University we bring lab-proven innovations into the market, consolidating our position as the frontrunner in gene design and expanding our molecular toolbox.