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U-CyTech is a dynamic, ISO 9001:2008 certified company affiliated with Utrecht University. Driven by a passion to provide new technologies that monitor cytokine production, we develop and commercialise innovative and high-quality immunoassays (ELISA, ELISPOT and Fluorospot).

U-CyTech assays are useful in different fields of research including autoimmune diseases, infection, vaccine development and cancer research.

Recently, U-CyTech has developed a novel chemifluorescent-based ELISA using Optimiser™ microfluidic technology. One of the major advantages of this novel assay is the use of extremely small sample volumes, as 5-10 microliters.

Furthermore, this assay provides 10-50 times higher sensitivity than a conventional ELISA. This is a very promising assay, especially in research where sample shortage often encountered. The vision of the company is to enter the worldwide research market with this unique ELISA. Additionally, we actively build partnerships to further develop this immunoassay for different applications.

In parallel to U-CyTech’s continuously growing number of immunoassays, contract services to support clients’ research efforts are conducted. U-CyTech services include specific ELISA/EIA/ELISPOT assay development, antiviral bioassay and endotoxin testing. Helping clients is not a slogan, it’s an integral part of U-CyTech’s mission.