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Smart Ultrasound Solutions.

Usono Mission

We will facilitate medical staff in their work to provide better care, by rethinking the context of use and developing new ultrasound accessories, designs and applications. .

Executive Summary

  • Usono is a high potential medtech startup based on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Usono radically changes the ultrasound market by improving and innovating the way ultrasound is used. Ultrasound is a very well-known image modality. In general, ultrasound transducers are freely moved during procedures, however other procedures require the ultrasound transducer to be fixated, mostly in cardiology and radiology departments. Its patented products, the ProbeFix and ProbeFix S are devices to fixate ultrasound transducers to the body.

ProbeFixS_marathon ProbeFixS ProbeFix_closeup

  • The ProbeFix S is specifically designed for sports and dynamic exercises. This could give multiple possible applications in muscle recovery and other diagnostic features. In combination with innovative products like the Philips Lumify, dynamic monitoring can be easily performed while an athlete is running or cycling. This creates new research possibilities for muscle strain.
  • The ProbeFix provides correct and stable fixation and viewing angle of an ultrasound transducer on the body in an easy and patient-friendly manner. This tool empowers its users to improve their current procedures by releasing stress on the shoulder. Hands-free and lengthy use of ultrasound is very valuable in stress echo procedures, pacemaker optimization, and monitoring in the heart catheterisation lab and intensive care unit.



Usono is founded by Victor Donker, COO MSc. Industrial Design, Benjamin Tchang, CEO, MSc. Biomedical Engineering and Jori Verbeek, CTO MSc. Industrial Design.

Startup activities

  • Value Voucher in 2016.

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