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Quirem Medical: from microsphere to major breakthrough and how the Value Centre stepped in.

Quirem Medical is an emerging medical device company with a mission to develop the next generation microspheres for targeted and more effective interventional treatment of liver malignancies. Quirem Medical has the ambition to provide a real-time, image guided, personalized radioembolisation treatment with improved patient outcome and lower hurdles for adoption of this innovative technology.

Terumo Coorporation has made an equity investment last year in their technology, giving Quirem a new boost towards commercialization of their product.

The start | Quirem Medical, a spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, developed a new targeted therapy for liver malignancies. To further develop their medical device, they needed specific partners. Jan Sigger, CEO at Quirem Medical states: “MedtechPartners brings together stakeholders from various disciplines in an efficient manner: our pitch at the Medtechpartners Meeting led to a new partner, with whom we currently co-develop an injection system for our therapy.”



Hurdles | To support the new therapy, Quirem Medical develops software for the medical market. When developing such a medical device, an often difficult hurdle to take is the certification to gain entrance to the market. Sigger: “Therefore, with help of the Value Centre, we hired an organization with specific knowledge of the requirements for obtaining CE mark. To obtain CE mark for our software, we need to build a file that shows that the product complies with relevant international standards and is validated. We needed an expert for this, because we have limited experience in this specific regulatory field as a start-up company. “

Value centre | Sigger: “A voucher from the Value Centre is an enabler for companies like ours to acquire the desired expert knowledge to further develop the product. The voucher makes it easier to accelerate decisions and the Value Centre can help a company with the needed network and partners.”


About Quirem | Quirem Medical is an emerging medical device company with a mission to develop the next generation microspheres for targeted interventional treatment of liver malignancies.

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Watch the Quirem video on the treatment of liver metastases with holmium-166 microspheres.



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