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Value Centre creates value for Haermonics

Suppose you have an idea to greatly reduce the risks associated with open heart surgery. An idea with a positive impact on healthcare and reduced healthcare costs. Which hurdles are on the road to realization of this idea? Wouter Markus of Haermonics experiences it and asked for help at the LS@W Value Centre.

Markus explains: “It all started eleven years ago, when a doctor worked on an idea for a better postoperative drainage technology for open heart surgery. The usual method to drain the wound after open heart surgery has an unnecessarily high risk of excessive bleeding and acute cardiac tamponades. This should change. Haermonics develops a safer solution for operative blood loss and wound healing. As a result, the patient outcome is better with less complications after surgery”.

CPPF | Haermonics developed a breakthrough technology: a drainage and flushing system that allows safe implementation of a new clinical working method called continuous postoperative pericardial flushing (CPPF).


Exhaustive journey | The development process had many challenges. Markus: “The development process is difficult; many iterations were not fast enough.” The opportunity to pitch at MedtechPartners came at the right moment and the follow-up with the innovation voucher from the Value Center gave us the opportunity to take an important step. “We wanted to further develop the technical aspect of the product and looked for independent expertise to assess which development partner would be a good fit. Beacon offered us the right expertise to evaluate and select suppliers, says Markus.” We made our choice of supplier that fits well within our strategy and we can now work with them to develop the product to a marketable product. “

Commercial platform | 
The added value within the support of the Value Centre that Markus experienced was the managerial approach of the network. Markus states enthusiastically: “Good stuff happens there! Unlike a traditional, scientific approach the parties in the network assess your idea with a managerial and pragmatic approach. The commercial and technical network in place of MedtechPartners and the Value Centre with renowed partners who are really committed to make innovation work are really there to help startups like Haermonics . ”


About Haermonics | Haermonics aims to deliver an economical alternative for postoperative drainage products in the cardiac surgery market. On top of the economic value Haermonics delivers a cost-effective high-end technology product (drainage and flushing system) that is capable of providing smart clinical decision support by controlling and analysing surgical blood loss.

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The LS@W Value Centre is executed in close collaboration with MedtechPartners.