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LS@W Value Voucher Alumnus Usono raises €176k from angel investors.

Eindhoven/Veldhoven-based medtech startup Usono has raised 176,000 euro (convertible notes) via angel investment platform Leapfunder. The money will be used to bring their hands-free ultrasound product to market.

Making ultrasound images can be a pain in the ass for doctors. They have to control transducers it with their hands all the time, which isn’t optimal when you’re concentrating on the diagnose. Usono has created a modular device called ProbeFix, which fixes a regular echo transducer to the body.

So it ensures that internal organs and muscles can be monitored over long periods of time. This allows the higher accuracy of for example monitoring of the heart valves and results in a more comfortable procedure for both the doctor and patient.

Usono primarily focuses on cardiology and intensive care departments. Right now six hospitals in The Netherlands have signed to buy the product. Usono has ambitions for the whole Benelux area, as well as Germany, England and Scandinavia.